We Provide High Risk Processing Across the Nation!

BANKCARD SERVICES High Risk Processing is a leading provider of transaction processing solutions for merchants in every category of business. Whether you are a merchant that is keying transactions or have an internet business we have a solution for you. We are leaders in placing, servicing and providing a quality business experience for your credit card processing needs.

BANKCARD SERVICES High Risk Processing provide domestic and international (off-shore) merchant accounts. We have also built the infrastructure to assist those merchants in the high risk category with state of the art servicing and cutting edge technology in risk management. We also work with those merchant’s that have experienced being TMF and are not able to get a merchant account. Taking care of our merchants is our business.

BANKCARD SERVICES High Risk Processing technology and expertise is designed for you, the merchant. By delivering improved efficiency and productivity for our merchants, they have found themselves to be far more productive and able to focus on their business because they have partnered with us for their bankcard processing needs,

BANKCARD SERVICES High Risk Processing has developed a suite of solutions that increase sales and build customer loyalty for our merchants. We are always working for you our merchant to continually develop custom payment and reporting solutions that meet or exceed our merchant’s specific needs.  Whether it is in authorization, data capture, settlement and reporting requirements Bankcard Services will have a solution for you.

BANKCARD SERVICES High Risk Processing is one of the leading high risk merchant processor's in the U.S.A. and Internationally for bankcard transactions.

BANKCARD SERVICES High Risk Processing have forged strategic and lasting relationship with banks across America as well as international banks. As a merchant, come and see how our solutions can meet and exceed your credit card processing needs.

Get to know more About BANKCARD SERVICES Your High Risk Processor!
• There are many companies out there promising rates that are too good
   to be true and guess what, they are! Every company that provides
   credit card processing services to merchants have the same costs
   structure as everyone else.

• The only difference between all these companies is how much they want
  to make at your expense for processing your customer's credit cards.

• Our merchants are grateful to have their Processing through
  BANKCARD-SERVICES While enjoying world class customer service.

• High Risk Merchants that are processing with Bankcard-Services Your
  High Risk Processer are up and processing transactions within a day or
  two with some of the best processing rates in the industry and enjoying
  platinum customer service.

•Your success is our success, and we are excited to help you build your
  business with a credit card processing you can trust.

Industries We Approve

    Auto Transport Companie's
    Auction Houses
    Auto Transport Companies
    Adult Merchant Services
    Adult sites & Products
    Bad Credit Merchant's
    Bail Bondsmen
    Barter Associations
    Cellular Phones
    Coins / Stamps / Collectible Dealers
    Coupons / Certificates
    Custom Golf Clubs
    Custom Made Products
    Dating Services
    Diet Programs
    Discount Buying Clubs
    Door to Door Sales
    Financial Aid / Counseling
    Financial Consultants
    Flea Markets / Kiosks
    Fortune Tellers
    Free or Low Cost Purchase Incentives
    Fulfillment Centers
    Gambling Advice
    General Agents / Brokers
    Health /Sports Clubs Memberships
    Home Furnishings
    Home Shopping Clubs
    Home-Based Business
    How-To-Books, Newsletters
    Hard to Place Merchant's
    Subscriptions etc.
    Inbound Telemarketing
    Insurance Agents / Brokers
    internet / e-commerce start up
    Media and Entertainment
    Petroleum & Chemicals
    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
    Real Estate
    Retail Merchant's
    Transportation Internet / eCommerce Start-Ups
    Investment Programs / Opportunites / Seminars
    Limousines / Taxis
    Magazine Subscriptions
    Mail/Telephone Order (MOTO)
    Miscellaneous Education
    Modeling Agencies
    Moving Companies
    Negative Renewal Options
    Outbound Telemarketing
    Pawnbrokers & Pawn Shops
    Payment Facilitators Third-Party
    Pyramid or MLM Distribution
    Real Estate
    Real Estate Agents / Brokers / Property Sales
    Real Estate Investment Education
    Shippers / Forwarding Brokers and Motor Freight Carriers
    Sports Forecasting or Odds Marketing
    TMF Merchant's
    Tanning Salons
    Telephone PrePaid Cards
    Theatre / Concerts
    Ticket Brokers
    Timeshare & Advertising
    Tour Operators
    Travel Agents
    Travel Clubs
    Used Car Dealers
    Vitamin / Herbal Sales
    Vacation Rentals

ISO/Agent Program:
Our residual program is designed specifically for experienced sales agents interested in having a direct processing relationship that offers the highest residual payout for their merchant accounts. It is truly a unique pricing package that enables our agents to gain the maximum profitability on their accounts while providing their merchants a cost effective solution for all electronic payments. We have also developed a true cost in every revenue sharing category.

Your relationship with us is a valuable one.

You are the best at what you do and we are the very best in the industry. Simply put, we can be the perfect addition to your business model. Our services exemplifies the " one stop shop" with it's international and domestic banking partners. This means you can write virtually any merchant type with complete confidence, knowing we will probably have a home for your merchants. If we don't, there is a high probability no one else will.

We are dedicated to providing our agents with the most advanced technology. We provide the highest level of service and performance, far more than marketing promises; it is a top priority for all levels of our staff and team. We have committed ourselves to be the standard by which all others will try to be. Below are a few points from our program that offers our agents unbeatable pricing compared to other leading processing companies today.

We provide our agents an infrastructure and approach to reduce their operational costs while maximizing their revenue stream.

Bankcard-Services is the leader when it comes to handling these hard to place merchants. We get more and more approved every day.

When your high risk merchants are processing you will be absolutely amazed how fast your monthly residual income will grow with the peace of mind knowing you have absolutely no liability for your high risk merchants. We take all the liability.

Bankcard-Services has created a proprietary system for your office which puts many things at your finger tips so placing high risk merchant is easier and more efficient, in turn getting your merchants boarded faster and putting more money into your pocket every month.

We have an online application for you. Our online application is not just a pretty application, but it is where we prescreen, run history and check credit of your merchant, plus additional proprietary research. Once that is completed we find the bank (Bankcard Services has multiple banking and processing solutions) that best fits your merchant.

life time weekly/monthly Residual income

1-24 hour Approval live MIDS!

Faxed in applications no originals Required

Application stasis report provide twice daily!

Account portfolio purchase options -in-house underwriting!

Note: any Accounts that cant be approved we pay 1,000 to the Agent!

Virtual Terminal
Payment gateway and virtual terminal in one.
A virtual terminal is the link merchants need to accept credit card and ACH payments online securely and efficiently from their own computer.
BANKCARD SERVICES ® offers an easily accessible virtual terminal through our front-end payment platform.

API Integration.
With BANKCARD SERVICES API Integration solutions merchants will utilize the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available.

BANKCARD SERVICES API uses secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificate technology to connect securely and directly between a merchant and the Payment Gateway.

Electronic Check.
An eCheck is an electronic version used to make payments online. Anyone with a checking account can pay by eCheck. To make a payment with an eCheck, you simply provide the following: Your bank routing number* And your bank account number.

Batch Upload Processing.
BANKCARD SERVICES offers a virtual terminal or batch upload to process credit cards on its payment gateway.

Recurring Billing.
Automate payments with recurring billing from BANKCARD SERVICES. Accepting recurring payments will simplify your billing and improve your customers' experience.

Quick Click Shopping System.
QuickClick - Basic Shopping Cart. The QuickClick ordering system allows you to create order buttons and/or order forms for your website.

Fraud Protection.
BANKCARD SERVICES provides several tools to help merchants protect their business from fraud, including several standard payment gateway features and value-adding products.

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